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2005-04-23 - 11:06 a.m.

A Lee and the chums are enhancing my space as I cook mushrooms with paprika spice in wine, tomato puree and olive oil. My office partner - Keith (Mice ate my Beefheart interview) Jordan - will tomorrow go in search of the DVD as an anniversary present - for himself - I can think of few more suitable items. He and I have been given an assignment linked to bad-doggie Rover and a certain world class HEI not far from the Forest of Arden which will entail a bit of weekend homework. Oh the effrontery - no more scones and cream at the Athenaeum for us two I think with Professor Lord B. I believe in magic because it is so quick.

Actually I have some extra stuff to do on Phase 3 of the thing which I did Phase 2 of earlier this week. I put some material around late this afternoon to get the ball on the gap-analysis - including rather a neat link through to one of our Motorsport ploys. But I have to fill a few gaps in the gap-analysis this weekend too. Maybe I will be able to get out into the FoA nonetheless. I fancy looking at how the Stratford Canal climbs the main watershed.

On the subject of fastcars, Steve rang having been to Nottingham as part of our development of the way forward for 10 May. So far so good. I have to go to Northampton on Wed in the same cause. Its all a bit crowded perhaps.

There is a lot of anxiety in the office over the Baggies away match this weekend.

I phoned my sis about E Spira and she thinks she thinks she may be able to come up with the goods and so I relayed this back to the Sorabji archive. We ended up remembering Imac on account of the archive’s interest in neglected Russian modernist composers post Busoni. Did K Weill study with Busoni - is there a link through to the electric Dylan? I wonder if the controversial Shostakovitch biographer wrote about Arthur L? Oh the snot has caked against my pants - it has turned into crystal.

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