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2005-04-21 - 11:44 a.m.

A sudden change of programme today. We have settled on 10 May as the next meeting point on both motorsports projects. I went back to the big project that I worked on during the second half of last year - not my project. This project had 5 phases and I did a lot on the first phase. The second phase seemed to be unrelated to the first and the output was very shallow - as a result phase 3 got absolutely nowhere.

The project owners have been in the grip of a Government imposed timetable and at this point they have to get industry to sign up to what they have produced - and what has been done is fairly incoherent. Result - lots of conflict in the last week or so.

The project-owners have decided that they have to redo phase 2 and a call this morning asked me if I had anything to chip in on 5 or 6 headings - an invitation I could not resist. Phase 1 was about competitiveness needs. Phase 2 was about the existing pattern - fortunately a lot more information - advantageous to us - has become available since the official close of phase 2 at the end of November. And so I have spent the day pulling some of that material together.

Phase 3 is supposed to be about the gap between phase 1 and phase 2. I wonder what will emerge in the next week on that score. Something is promised for a meeting next in London Thursday.

I am listening to Love play Stefanie Knows Who off Da Capo - its an extra on the Forever Changes DVD of their 2003 UK tour. I used to play this song the best party of 40 years ago at the Middle Earth and to my ears it still sounds great and pretty difficult - I am amazed we got through it. They also do August from another neglected masterpiece - Four Sail - the album which followed Forever Changes. Very nice interview with A Lee who seems an extraordinarily nice chap. Cant imagine how he got into all that trouble. You can here the Mingus.

Enquiry in the e-m about my old music teacher who was a pupil of Webern.although he kept this a secret. Its nice to say that one was in an orchestra conducted by a pupil of one of the great figures but to be honest I am probably prouder of having got threw Stefanie Knows Who in the high counter-culture a few years later or accompanying Linda Thompson at the Troubador or having jammed with Graham Bond.

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