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2005-04-13 - 10:29 p.m.

I went into Bham this afternoon for an hourís discussion with Pat - it seemed to go OK and I think I will pitch a few ideas tomorrow. On the way back to the station I got the complete recordings of Miles Capitol Band in 48 and 49 plus a book dedicated to Imac about The Smiths.

Sometime in the mid 80s when I was in the 16 piece Spanish bigband the idea came to me that I should look at the Smiths and I arranged to be given a tape for Christmas - virtually all of which I like. But apart from noting the Marr-Jansch tie up I have never delved too far. As you might imagine this book deals with all the recordings in chronological order.

It contains a lot of information I should have known earlier eg Morrisey met Marr at a Patti Smith gig, Marr was already into Brill Building by then. One of the most famous tunes is constructed by Marr to sound like a VU influenced piece but in fact borrows from a Marvin Gaye tune with a rare Motown flute solo. Fans fetishised Marr chording but hated the single string. If the question is - where can you take the Ďsongí then M&M are part of the answer.

Keith is involved with the Task Force as is Viv who has joined us. I was telling Steve about Vivís insight into Korean technology transfer - something I got to hear about on the way back from Brussells from the meeting Dave chaired. Apparently Dave has been on radio and TV a lot in the last few days. Maybe he wont get to Wuppertal either.

Steve and I wrapped up yesterdays show, sent out the book and began to plan Thursdayís gig and our follow on visits from yesterday. Francis sent a raft of back ground reading. Steve and I wondered about our next moves with Cardiff/Leicester.

Stefan and I talked about the barrel-load of monkeys - didnít tell Pat what they had been up to.

Benjamin on Baudelaire is taking an age to arrive. I can see biochemical trials looming. Listened to Everything and didnít listen to Nothing. Exchange of e-ms with Andrew about the baroque.

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