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2005-04-14 - 12:03 p.m.

More chasing after Rover - fortunately not me - what a bad doggie. Working with Steve on tomorrow’s show - some mild brain storming. Then on Friday we ll work on a grand plan for the next great leap forward.

I bought a silver frame for ‘empty sunbed blues’ - one of my lycian pieces. The barman was into D Sylvian there.

The Miss M list is pissing me off - so much comment so little insight. I asked them ‘Blue or Pink Moon?’ - did anyone get it?

I still havent written to the Lloyds about the Luls.

Bought Art Review on the way back from the Drs. I looked down the list of shows that had been on the Saatchi Gallery the last 20 years. I was OK up to about 1996.Nice photos of Christo in Central Park. Also the latest Wire - someone who knew Maclise - I have Brain Damage in Oklahoma and still havent quite got there.

On a whim I thought I would try tinned mushrooms. This is the essence of consumerism. They weren’t even on offer. Crazy heh? In such moments utility is maximized as we move towards the best of all possible worlds as far as anyone in HMT can tell.

Another night in with Miss M - reversing time 1998 then 1983 then 1979. You cant help noticing how Hejira keeps coming through. ‘The nets were overflowing in the Gulf of Mexico’. Lets hope those fish ended up on the supermarket shelves somewhere in the free world.

Why won’t people recognise the democratic right to spoil a ballot paper with an obscenity? Publicly funded anger management. Why this inartistic procedural totalitarianism?

How inclusive to offer the cultural incentive to Pakistan to undermine our system of representative selection? Why wont the free market allow us to sell postal votes to globally oppressed faiths? Economic liberalism is so culturally specific.I give up - not that I need the money.

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