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2005-04-09 - 10:43 a.m.

Watching the Pope’s funeral on TV. The comments from the people in the crowd are very powerful. The contrast between the suffering Pope at the window and the Pope-doll lying in state is very striking.

All in all a strange day - with Rover falling over as well - how much was it pushed to get suitable media timings? Deleuze draws the distinction between the baroque façade and the monad-like interiority.

I have been listening to a recording of Alice Coltrane’s last concert in 1978 in the Schoenberg Hall in LA. Its pretty unusual music. She has Reggie Workman on bass and Roy Haynes on drums - testimony to his amazing versatility. Several listeners have said that the organ playing is like Terry Riley and I can hear that too. Some pieces are on piano - and one has strings added after the event. All pretty extraordinary stuff

Marvin Gaye trivia. Trouble Man is on the 1998 JoniM DVD - and I have just got in the Marvin Gaye original on a compilation. Apparently MG moved to LA in 73 and this film assignment was the first fruit. JM’s version stands up well against the original. Maybe I will have to pick up the Trouble Man originals track by track. I have the 808 State mild remix to start the collection. (The 303 really makes Sexual Healing.) MG’s 1962 version of Smokey Robinson’s Stubborn Kind of Fellow and Hitch Hike from the album of the same name may have the only Motown flute solos. The guitar part on You’re the Wonderful One is masterly. ‘Sometimes I m up sometimes I’m down’. And everything on ‘Aint That Peculiar’.

From MG to Rover. The drama continues. The Hewitt episode last night proves that truth is stranger than fiction. Its consistent with my hypothesis that there was a political thrust from the DTI to move the story onto the next stage. Blair and Brown going onto Birmingham after the funeral suggests that across Govt a different view may be developing. The 40m pounds for the supply chain is pretty much par for the course. As the employee of an automotive supply chain business development organization in the West Midlands I have an obvious interest in official decisions that the WM automotive supply chain needs business development as I know this something that we are world class at achieving.

Actually today I spent most of today working on a different aspect of the automotive sector - working up Monday’s show which looks as if it is going to be quite a spectacular.

Vita has let it be known that she is keeping the house very tidily indeed.

I am enjoying the cheap fruit cake from the greengrocers a block away.

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