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2005-04-08 - 7:39 a.m.

Useful chat with Steve - currently at Sandhurst - looking at how the various leads that we have been developing are shaping up this week. In fact there have been quite a few Ďresponsesí in the last few days. To keep things simple I am thinking in terms of four or five headings - motorsport which is currently looking good, the European initiatives which are going more slowly, regional opportunities which are looking more promising and the academic arena which is coming up - it could be the next segment to deliver some business. We are doing quite well at setting our stall. The small engines project has gone quiet this week. Working with Steve is good for both energy and focus. We are meeting up on Friday morning at Leamington Starbucks to review the findings of my Northampton trip.

A trip from the West to the East Midlands. They explained to me that Nhton is too north to be south and too south to be north. The rivers flow into the Wash I think.

Neil sent some comments down from Speke (on the Mersey) for the ACE Report. Also useful comments on a related topic from David who is back from the USA.

My page on the firmís website had a decent number of visits last month - something that always surprises me. I am running out of olive oil and discovered Tescoís Value white chocolate.

Yvonne is at Birmingham University working on her professional qualification. James has been taken to Italy by his gf as a surprise birthday present. Vita says she is working on her fine arts project.

I have finished a vid to go with the 2nd NYC0303 piece - in fact itís the second attempt at this. I decided that this other stuff was displacing creative endeavour - esp guitar playing. Last week I came up with a new application of Coltrane Changes.

I am listening/watching Steps Ahead in Copenhagen in 1983. Rhythm section is Gomez who played in the B Evans trio, Erskine from the Hhncock band and Eliane Elias at the start of her career. Mbreck on tenor and Mmanieri on vibes. The threat of smoothness is held at bay effectively. Great sounds cape. In fact its quite postMiles2ndgreat5tet.

Read more about the connection between Deleuze life and thought. The base case is that extreme post-structuralists come to a sticky end - Althusser, Foucault and Barthes. The DL variation is that extreme thinking can give you the same rush as extreme sex and drugs. Maybe Leibniz is in this group - exasperation driving out-thinking and thought-imagery. DL suggests that as art is now about art - so philosophy should deal with thought but in non-representational imagery. Thought engaging abstractly with its own essence or metaphors which hint at its true character.

The MIT newsletter today says photons never lie. DLís commitment is to light as a wave.

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