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2005-04-07 - 7:58 a.m.

Its still cold here. I have decided I canít get to Wuppertal next week - but at least I have been invited to a reception at the House of Commons next month. Actually it will be 3 weeks after the election which might be an interesting time to be there. We are wondering how much of a hiatus some publicly funded organizations will put in place during the campaign - in fact we are trying to discover the official line. I donít think this has been thought through properly.

I see Kenilworth - near Leamington - is one of the most marginal constituencies in the UK. Its linked with Rugby. If you visited either you would be surprised that they are Labour.

Looks like I am going to Northampton on Thursday morning to plan Monday afternoonís show. I havenít been able to get in touch with Steve about this - I think maybe my phone is giving up. Keith gave me some feedback on the ACE project - I need to get up to Speke to look at some extra documentation.

Listening to my Cohen compilation - starts with Who By Fire? Read about Deleuze and suicide in the pub on the way home - a means of integrating intensities.

Fun to see the Amazonian Dolphins on BBC1 and to hear about the legends they have attracted.

The trip to Longbridge was interesting at first - the train went alongside the Worcester canal past the University and Bournville. Looking at the map I realized that the River Cole which goes past Coleshill and joins up with the Blythe rises much further to the south than I thought. The walk from the station to the factory was nasty with the wind and the rain and it destroyed my umbrella. The meeting was OK though - also the lunch. The strange thing is that the countryside near Longbridge is quite out of the ordinary and the factory faces onto the green wooded hills - the Lickey Hills with pre-Cambrian volcanic and metamorphic rock which doesnít occur in many other places in England. The highest point is 975ft. Some people think that this belongs to the oldest traceable surface in the Midlands - a plain out of which everything else was eroded.

Today James is 21.

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