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2005-03-25 - 1:14 a.m.

Great to read Ricardo’s account of meeting/playing alongside Terry Riley.

Lamb1 and the good CD from Everywhere and Nowhere occupy similar places in my affections currently. I gave Keith a copy of ‘Kylie Aesthetics – an introduction for the general viewer’ – I think it packs a punch as a cinematic aphorism. I wondered whether to include ‘Listen to Nature’ which is more formal but in the end I didn’t. We talked about J Demme and Talking Heads and then I watched more of that. Also Human Traffic which I thought was pretty good given how little it cost. Later Keith phoned to say that Kylie Aesthetics made him smile.

I did some more work on the Automotive College Evaluation – and followed up the contacts I made last week on Wednesday and Thursday. I also bumped into the person who may be inviting me to Germany in the middle of April – I need to work that one just a bit harder. Some material arrived on the grand plan for the future of manufacturing in Europe – which made me think that the German trip was especially promising. I did a bit of a pitch.

Paul W and I have been discussing Irish poet Paul Muldoon’s guitar playing. He has been Professor of Poetry at Oxford and in that sense is hampered by his education although being a Prof of Humanities at Princeton may be a mild compensation as his band can get gigs in Manhattan and Brooklyn. See http://www.paulmuldoon.net/music.php4 .

This provoked me to read the Cambridge Poets ND thing on KK News and I realized just one section has been over-edited – the bit about Haunting Sylvia Plath – I started to think how to bring in the Ashberry Definition of Blue, the Ian PParataxis one and Gillian Allnutt. Maybe the Sartre stuff on master and slave as well – although its quite hard to handle – in the sense that is so wide ranging. On reflection I thought the stuff about the natural history of the lyric identity stood up OK. But rereading I see I also need to cover softboy in the witches cauldron. I had a crack and mailed Andrew and Mark both of whom replied very promptly.

Half a day in London was enough. I managed to pick a couple of fights. Then I sloped off to the ICA bookshop and got another Deleuze. This came out the same year as Difference and Repetition – its some 30 short pieces about the lessons the Stoics and Alice in Wonderland carry for modern experience – things today.

I got back to the flat late afternoon and read the White Paper. It contained one surprise move and so I immediately phoned my colleagues and e-mailed some extracts so that we could get an early focus on the way the landscape has changed. I found this all quite tiring. I drank lots of water. Returning to the office today there was a lot to follow up in terms of the implications of the new landscape. Alan had some interesting ideas that I had missed. Some new business turned up out the blue.

Sleep pattern still strange.

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