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2005-03-22 - 12:53 a.m.

The F Frith collection of songs arrived – nice to hear the CZ101. They make a good study alongside PMoon . Also Virelai which I am working on – there s a sort of Gagaku feel the first few times through.

I have looked at the bit transmissions off KK. Just under 30% is music. Of this 50% is Serious Music and 20% Plunderfonix. Then Lullabies and just behind that Dhorn. Actually some of the Dhorn tracks are off the first two CDs. The most popular Dhorn track is the one which Mark started and then Robin, Gilbert and I added our bits.

I have joined a Miss M list and this has got me thinking about the late 70s Don Juan venture – but its coming out even cheaper next month. I threw the list one – ‘Blue or Pink Moon?’ I mailed Paul W about the ACE evaluation – in fact I pushed onto my second conclusion which is about half way through . . Keith has confirmed that the SMART Partnership idea will run – this is very 3rd Way and all the more potent on that account.

Have bought the Shaft soundtrack – Troubled Man is almost certainly better.

Restocked the Lamb first album stolen by my firstborn – some reasons not mine:< Few enough record collections are graced with this mid 90s masterpiece and that's a great pity. Lamb are the nexus where jazz, classical and Drum'n'bass meet. This is their debut and there isn't another album quite like it. From the poignant and innovative cello on Zero to the seemingly orchestral sweep of the Gorecki this album will wrench you away from banality and force you to listen in childlike wonder. The collage of sounds drummed up (pardon the pun) by producer Andy Barlow is stunning, pure genius in places. Combine that with the rich, sexy and painfully earnest voice of Louise Rhodes and you're in sonic heaven. Intimate music created by music lovers for music lovers. This is the kind of record you'll bore your friends to tears talking about. Don't worry, however, as they'll return the favour just like mine did. This band deserves your attention and this album is priceless. > Well it only cost me a fiver and I think I will snitch some of the beats – I certainly wont be the first.

Listening to the agnificent Temptations made me restock early Supremes eg Come See About Me – and You Really Got a Hold On Me which swings a lot. Talking of Mr J – I see John Pattatucci from the HH Trane-Miles tribute is also on the JJ tribute CDs. Also acquired the 70s Harold Budd compositions that attracted Beano. Bryars G and Nyman Mo appear. Lite so it seems. I watched a DVD of a solo concert of McCoy Tyner in Warsaw in 1991. Pretty frightening – he does Giant Steps even faster than the original. Also Stop Making Sense – I wonder if I can rip some of the rhythms.

Watched the Bacon doc on BBC2 – the way he kept destroying works and saying he didn’t know where the images came from. I ate the last of the curried turkey. Paul mailed about his new book and Palm Sunday – see KK Making Music Red Blues.

Cooked Tandoori beef marinated in red wine.

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