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2005-03-06 - 9:46 a.m.

The 1983 Miss M has certainly given me something to think about. I was digging around the reviews and I found that there’s a 1998 DVD – Painting with Words and Music - for less than tenner at Amazon – irresistible .

This is the songlist: Tiger Bones, Big Yellow Taxi, Just Like This Train, Night Ride Home, Crazy Cries of Love, Harry's House, Black Crow, Amelia, Hejira, Sex Kills, The Magdelene Laundries, Moon at the Window, Facelift, Why Do Fools Fall in Love?, Trouble Man, Nothing Can Be Done, Song for Sharon, Woodstock, Dream Land. Like the Last Waltz – not a concert not a film but between the two. A retrospective a bit like Travelogue.

The FOPP foray also yielded the 1980 Woodstock Jazz Festival DVD which has Meths fresh from his Shadows and Light collab. Also Jack de Johnette, Lee Konitz, Anthony Braxton and Chick Corea. - avant garde light. I suppose the surprising thing is that anyone is playing that stuff at that point in time yet alone filming it. One of the good things about the DVD is that its musicians you don’t hear together on CD getting on with it. They do a blistering version of Trane’s Impressions for example.

A tune which appears on my other FOPP acquisition – some 70 minutes of the great 4tet between 1961 and 1965 – for three pounds. I already have some of this but not all – and anyway the CD lives in the house rather than the flat. There s Favourite Things with Dolphy on flute and a version of Impressions with the two of them I don’t think I have from Stockholm in September 1961. Autumn Leaves from Austria in 1963 – one of K Jarrett’s standbys. McCoy Tyner is pretty on as a matter of fact and the rhythm section sound pre the 2nd MD 5tet which is a bit ironic. Trane takes it through the outside changes on soprano. I mentioned something along these lines to T Dann this week.

That’s a good investment to tackle these germs along with orange juice and fizzy water. I am experimenting with avocado rogan josh with ginger and olive oil. My temperature control needs stabilizing.

One obvious thing about the 1983 mien is that there s none of the haute couture evident at Santa Barbara – its semi domestic – almost European – she almost looks like a country singer esp the hair

Larry Klein played with Freddie Hubbard before becoming a mainstay of Miss M’s 80s work. Hubbard emerged in the early 60s on Blue Note – after MD died he was in VSOP with the 4 survivors from the 2nd great 5tet. He was also on Ascension – and Ornette Coleman’s Free Jazz. LK seems to handle the Jaco bits OK eg on God Must Be a Boogie Man.

This Refuge tour put her off touring. Mike Landau who is on guitar on Refuge is also on Walk the Dog and Light the Light. What else does he have to aspire to?

Went back to the musical world of John Coltrane – which made me think how much about the last two years isn’t understood readily. Alice Coltrane asks whether its possible through sound to realize truth? Suggesting that if anyone achieved it then it was he. My reference point here is live at the Village Vanguard Again. It seems to strike everyone as powerfully as it struck me at the time. The Amazon reviews are well worth reading carefully.

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