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2005-03-02 - 6:42 a.m.

Mark has done some typography and layout on the sprawling article which helps it a lot. I have put it up in KK News as a HTML attachment. It means that you can click on the icon to see it on screen. This is a new trick for me.

At the weekend I got Ian Patterson’s Selected Poems 1969-2002 and I found one in there that suited my purposes – Without Rhyme or Reason. Each line but the last begins ‘I maybe…….’ – ‘I may be shrouded in defiant haze/I may be driving from place to place’

Is this parataxis? Can you think of a song which proceeds similarly? The book came with a nice card from someone at Salt.

I held back from a plunge into De Leuze – really it was a matter of opportunity. It will happen sooner or later. We saw Sideways at the weekend which I thought was great – utterly DL too. Those intensities.

Yesterday Keith and I went to the International Research Centre at Warwick. I came away with an opportunity to repitch an idea I had cast their way about six months ago. I put together a proposal and sent it off with fingers crossed.

The average daily page calls on KK in February is up to 70 – that’s mostly down to restarting KK News. I have put an editorial up about the Lullabies event which is probably a bit light.

Gilbert is sending Mark his group CD and his ND interpretations I think.

Steve and I had a long talk about the different opportunities that we are both working on with an academic dimension. We mapped them out on a time/space grid to work out what our next move might be.

Some case studies came through about organizational change and ITC and I knocked out some comments.

Time passed quite slowly.

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