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2005-01-27 - 5:21 a.m.

There s a good article on Kyle Gannís website about developments in composition over the last thirty years in the US. Post-minimalism has given way to Totalism - according to Gann by incorporating world music and rock elements and exploring polyrhythms - 6 against 7 against 8 for example. If only there were some free media which made it possible to explore these trends without spending a fortune.

A colleague showed me a research proposal which had started in Italy and asked me to suggest some themes that our region might offer within the overall framework. Some ideas came up - its easy enough to dream them up - the problem is if we are called upon to execute them. Apparently some of the ideas that got pitched last Thursday have taken on a life of their own and I saw it presented by someone else at Castle Bromwich yesterday.

I looked at the history of the Blue Note label on the train. There is a very interesting section on the signature piano sound that Rudy van Gelder would secure on the classic recordings - an even sound, not harsh or bright - situated in the mix as the foundation of the overall sound world. On Sunday I was wondering about buying a boxed set of all Herbie Hancockís Blue Note recordings.

E-mails to and from Tdann, Gilbert and Tony R on the subject of the jazz exploitation of ND songs.

This morning I went to Gaydon with Paul H and we presented a 90 min show we had put together - it seemed to go quite well and the food was good and it was nice to be paid at a decent whack. Generally I am finding food too good. New suit seemed to work. I stayed to listen to the session on technology route mapping for which I still have a soft spot. Cardiff tomorrow.

Listening to early P Glass vocal musical which I might sample.

The weather is cold but tolerable.

I suppose its inevitable that some days one thinks more about work than art.

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