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2005-01-21 - 9:51 a.m.

Not everything goes well and some things go so badly they donít feature here.

Brad Mehldau solo Live in Tokyo has arrived. It has River Man, Things Behind the Sun and Paranoid Android plus some more standard standards from Gershwin, Porter etc.

Yesterday a project which was well off the rails sort of revived itself. Luckily I had unearthed a very positive statistic covering our sectorís performance over the last four years which went down well both here and even better at a more elevated gathering a colleague presented to. Also our diagnosis of the impact of the Election timetable on the project has been accepted all round. Thus is my corn earned. Some good material about the connections between auto engineering and ICT has come my way.

Having spent a lot of dosh getting a new transformer into tuner-amp it has now developed another unspecified fault which is probably fatal as far as my wallet is concerned. It has taken me ages to get some sort of replacement wired up but at last something is in place. Also the Creative Labs external sound card has decided to work via USB without the clicks. Who knows what if anything may emerge. There is a Gamut piece kind of lingering.

Mailing from Trevor Dann and Andrew Keeling.

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