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2004-10-01 - 5:45 p.m.

An event worth noting...

quiet american introduces ~

t h e
c o S i n e
s a l o n

~ let us play ~

a church of sustain
is opening its doors

come congregate
in the service
of harmony

~ or, rather more succinctly ~

turn up,
tune in,
bliss out

~ what

Your host will provide:

eight or more vintage sine tone generators
~ one to a person ~
two controls: frequency and amplitude.

No processing, no fx, no egos.
Just waves, waves, waves.

The evening will comprise:

assorted games of consonance and dissonance
~ exercises in listening and attention ~
and improvisation of sorts.

~ who

This is a S A L O N not a performance.

You are cordially invited, nay, encouraged
to participate!

You are welcome to attend to listen only,
if you like, but ~

As this is the first such salon come with
open ears ~ and ~ moderate expectations.

Your host is Aaron Ximm.

~ how

Please RSVP with a non-binding show of hands.

If you have an A N A L O G tone generator ~ or ~
portable self-powered speaker or [bass etc] amp,
please bring such.

~ when & where

Sunday, October 3
7ish onward

964 natoma
sf ca 94103 (usa)


No charge, and BYOx.

Forward freely to interesting parties.

Ferrara Brain Pan


"Let the great constellation of flickering ashes be heard..."

Noel Scott Engel



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