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2004-09-03 - 6:52 a.m.

I caught a fair amount of the Bush acceptance speech live – not my intention but it was how my sleep pattern fell out. I missed the repeat of the R4 programme about the number pi – having caught the first 10 minutes this morning – particularly the bit about Archimedes and the inscribed and exscribed polygon. This gives an inclination of why mathematicians respect Archimedes so much over all his peers down the ages. I used to like playing with these models as a recreation. Heaven knows why.

A message from Denise that the German TV station ZDF is going to broadcast a short feature on ND using the footage they took at Tanworth – I wonder if Denise will get hold of a transcript.

Peter Chatterton has been down to Brighton to interview Paul Wheeler and the two seem to have found lots of areas of common interest. Peter and I need to work hard on making this material available to journalists as quickly as possible to get maximum value from it in terms of raising awareness.

I have been dipping into Andrew Duncan’s book about the evolution of poetry in England in the last fifty years – over a quiet pint after work. Combining the ideas garnered in this way with the material put together by John Wickes about jazz in the 70s led me to conclude that there was a neglected flowering of avant garde culture in that decade in London. Only a few traces remain and at the time the art was never widely circulated. Maybe the problem was that unlike New York the work didn’t attract enough surrounding infrastructure – like the magazine Artforum that I read about in Lycia. It’s a great shame and indeed I sent Laurence a txt about it.

The guitar solo on Sunday seemed to work. The Crafter electroacoustic is fun to use. Maybe I will think about doing something in October when Paul and Betty Bell have their. I have made a list of possible tunes – those which are already under my fingers to some degree. Practicising this stuff can be quite relaxing and not to put too much strain on the neighbours.

It seems I have to go to Brussels on Wednesday catching a 6.30am flight – something of an undertaking.

The grand project keeps on scaling up. There was a meeting on Wednesday which worked rather better than my expectations and which more or less validated the approach we evolved in July and August – and set some new challenges for September. Yesterday I made a first sketch of an approach which starts in the present and moves to an intermediate point about three years in the future. On Wednesday we got people to look at vision of the ten year goal. Ambitious.

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