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2004-07-24 - 12:19 p.m.

Mail and CD from AK Ė I asked what he thought about the structure of Fruit Tree.

Hereís something from the male poet clumped with Plath and Sexton Ė published posthumously, written in his late 50s, maybe in 1971 adding to the impression that of leavings and abandonment about that time:

He Resigns

Age, and the deaths, and the ghosts,

Her having gone away

in spirit from me. Hosts

of regrets come & find me empty.

I donít feel this will change.

I donít want any thing

or person, familiar or strange.

I donít think I will sing

Any more just now;

ever. I must start

to sit with a blind brow

above an empty heart.

We are flying to Lycia for a fortnight. Brutus conquered Lycia and the Lycians were so independent that they would rather kill their women and children than submit. This was the second time they had reacted in this way. The Lycians had a 29 letter alphabet Ė the 19 Greek plus 10 extra letters they thought they needed. I donít think their language is properly deciphered.

James is staying. I showed him the Butler Body book I am taking Ė she goes behind the notion that the sex is material in the body while gender is socially constructed. James said he wasnít surprised that Foucault features in an enterprise of this sort. I havenít taught much but I did encourage him to get his Foucault up to scratch. Deleuze is up my slieve.

We wondered whether to get some Hoggwarts port for a larf.

I am also taking the collected poems of Adrienne Rich Ė and of course the Berryman. They all seem to hang together. I am taking the Chinese piccolo that belonged to Pheasant to keep my chops in Ė a tutorial on Coltrane Changes and Ron Carterís basslines. Maybe Regina Carter is his sister?

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