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2004-07-13 - 6:27 p.m.

The volumes on KK are picking up a bit after the annual June low. Canada is the latest country to cross the 2000 requests threshold joining South Africa, Germany, France, Belgium, USA-educational, Italy and the Netherlands which is above 4000 and the UK which is 63000. At the other extreme dot tv has just shown up - Tuvalu.

I have been doing a lot of policy stuff. My boss came back from Wednesday’s event with some good new material on the Skills Strategy- esp on the labour market – and Gordon Brown announced a national strategy for science and innovation yesterday. I also had to reduce the magnum opus to an A4 table. More of all of that today so that we now have a position worked out on most of the main developments in 2004/5. Can we convert that position into money?

I had a thought about the Coltrane cycle. Start with a minor ninth chord and then use the thirteenth a tritone away. There is a link because of a fourth interval – for example in Em9 d/g is a fourth which is also salient in Bb13. Then use the thirteenth as a Debussy modal dominant to a minor – in this instance up to C minor 9. This will cycle quite well :

Em9 Bb13 Cm9 Gb13 Abm9 D13 Em9 etc

Email exchanges with Robin Fredrick and Andrew Keeling. I mailed Geoff from Dave Dee etc about those two and Richard about the Dhorn.

I made a start with Derek Bailey and the Story of Free Improvisation – which got me digging around in Bruce’s Fingers where I unearthed a KC quote which I sent to Andrew.

More practising of Charlie Parker heads. You could confine yourself to just this and not miss much. Koko is such a glorious piece of work for example.

Have done some washing – must do some hovering – do I mean hovering?

Did I say I had put the picture of the Saxon Mill in a frame behind glass by the sink so it catches my eye – quite like it at the moment – eg the pencil over the chalk. Must remember that its not long before we go East.

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