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2004-07-06 - 4:18 p.m.

KM-Beefheart-J and I have a gig in Speke on Thursday it seems although Wednesday its Cambridge-MIT in London. It’s a man’s life? I have written my presentation – and thought through the logistics – London tonight then back to Leantown on Wednesday evening and drive to Lpool on Thursday morning.

I am grateful to Michele Kort for – great moments in civilization no 23 – 27 October 1997 at the Beacon Theatre Manhattan . Rickie Lee Jones is performing “Been On A Train” and she gets to “ No no damn you mister”. It is as if it were the original.

Well its Christmas. Soul Picnic has arrived. Plus the two late live CDs, plus the Folkways first recordings plus the model RLJ was faithfully following. Plus Tony Reif’s 1948 memorial. What can I say - Beads of sweat? You bet. Me – I’m working on how AK and I will use Robin’s groove at St Mary Magdalene. No shortage of inspiration.

I saw Captain Peter yesterday and gave him the Magic vid to see if he could coax something nettable out of it. Three cheers for Elizabeth Wilmshurst – lets make it 23.

The Capt says he will get the Newsnight Swaziland film tonight direct to digital.

Someone on the Andrew Marr Show yesterday morning was talking about the Krays – about the male/masculinity divide – and how this can be refracted in the UK between family-friendly gangsterism and effete G2 middle class fragmentation , I heard it on the way to a Management Review Meeting for which I was only 30 mins late.

I stopped off at the Saxon Inn and reviewed the view I had committed to paper. Talking of Caius - Capt P says the video with Cathy went really well. This should be a piece of work when its all put together. He’s doing Richard Jones on Friday.

Another tune of PW’s has registered – one of my favourites. Go to the Highveld button above and click it. Then Music Making then track 12.

That low flute thing you get on LN trax – I think I have a way of getting to it in Wavelab – also the Gil Evans harmonies.

Reading MK it becomes clearer how Walk the Dog and the live albums came together. The latter are just piano and occaisional soul backing – they are really something believe you me – very very absorbing – can’t help thinking of Pink Moon.

Time and Love was criticised because it was rushed out – and some of the people weren’t that well known. Maybe this stuff is a deeply acquired taste but if you listen to this 90s material end to end I think it makes a very coherent challenging narrative.

Gavin mailed – he saw Patti Smith and Television with Tom Verlaine recently. An evening well spent by the sound of it. TV was playing a Strat.

Long notes this morning.

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