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2004-06-01 - 8:02 a.m.

Yesterday Rob and I walked through the Cotswolds. We started at Chipping Warden, crossed the Cherwell and went up the 2nd Jurassic scarp to Ladyboy Copse well I think that was what it was called then down through a couple of villages and across to Cropreddy where we had lunch. Then north up the Oxford Canal until we met the Macmillan Way and then east across to our starting point. We drove to the point where the canal crosses the Southam Road hanging off the 3rd Jurassic scarp and had a meal at the Wharf Inn. The countrsyside was as attractive as you would imagine and some great views especially down the Cherwell valley all the way to the chalk Ridgeway on the horizon line.

And of course a contrast with world events. I learned on Sunday that someone I have known for 50 years was in the siege in Saudi Arabia. He managed to escape the gunmen by going up to the roof where he spent an uncomfortable couple of hours before being rescued. Apparently he has his fellow westerners on the roof were debating whether you would be better off being captured by the terrorists or throwing yourself off the roof of the building.

I woke early this morning and spent some time looking at some harmonic relationships. Think of a dominant seventh chord and raise the third as in a suspension. The resulting chord is a stack of four fourths eg D G C F in a certain inversion. If the lowest fourth is augmented the chord becomes Db G C F and this is a Hancock thirteenth the one on Eb which is the implied root.

I got a e-m from Derek Ridgers this morning which is great news. Like many people he has been moved to reflection by the great ND-fest. He still has the letters which I wrote him in 1970 when I first met Nick. This is as you might say a turn up for the books. He also mentions the John Martyn programme which I have yet to see. He suggests lunch.

On Sunday while Mrs C was at Glyndebourne I had a crack at a further development on the Box music. I plugged a Shure into the back of the Dell and put some flute into a WAV , loaded the WAVS into Cubase and did some editing. I took the mix out to a WAV and then downloaded to a MD to take to Leantown. Possibly I have discovered an interesting new avenue. Pelleas and Mellisande hit the spot very much to my surprise. I thought the Symbolism would be too much.

I also managed a first draft of the First Scenario Planning questionnaire. Today it has to be my presentation.

I thought that Waldemar Jan etc was surprisingly good on Van Gogh on Sunday night.

I was explaining to Rob about how the poets have taken me and some sort of insight occurred.

Laurence and I did some more txts.

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