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2004-05-12 - 7:28 a.m.

The pace of work has become even more hectic. I spent most of yesterday in meetings – not something I usually do – and then most of the evening writing a paper for my main contract. This paper argues the case from past statistics for the one I wrote last week. If anything, putting all the different facts together has made me realise that the issues that were highlighted last week are indeed pretty significant when you look at the facts

I have been listening to Philip Glass – music he wrote in the 8Os – including orchestral extracts from his third opera – about the invention of monotheism. There seems to be a connection between the recording of the three operas and his move into more popular forms. Sometime in the 198Os he got a contract with CBS Masterworks and as part of this he produced the populist Glassworks CD which sold extremely well. This success allowed the recording of the operas which would have been much less profitable to go ahead.

CBS seems to be a pivotal company. About 15 years earlier the composer David Behrman who was part of the Sonic Arts Union with Alvin Lucier became involved with the company around 1967 and within the Masterworks series released Terry Riley’s In C and early Steve Reich works – onto a very open-minded youth market. This was a unique window of opportunity. Since that time commercial pressures have gradually intensified and markets have fragmented.

My Technics MD seems to have broken down as far as recording is concerned although it will still play MDs. This is irritating as the editing function on this machine was especially powerful. I suppose I may be able to get it repaired. It disrupts the rig that I have been using on the Box1 piece. Oh well. I suppose it does one good not to rush ahead too rapidly. I ll have to think of another way of joining the bits and pieces together. I was really enjoying experimenting with the polytonal guitar part over a fairly direct funk bass part with various airsynth interruptions.

It looks as if there may be another Lullabies planning meeting on Friday which I hope to fit in before Betty’s retirement party. Cathy is going to be there.

Steve identified an opportunity to gear some of the SUMMIT process to the skills agreement issues yesterday. This is useful but it also tightens the linkages over the next month. One of the critical meetings is exactly four weeks today.

It’s a strange state of affairs when work virtually blocks out everything else – I hope this doesn’t go on too long. We were speculating yesterday that it might be that we are coming up to the anniversary of the White Paper and it is in the nature of business these days that stakeholders have to be indulged at these birthday party events.

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