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2004-05-09 - 9:18 a.m.

I slept quite a lot of yesterday and well into today. At least that provides a model – that the body’s ability to repel invaders is linked to the overall level of fatigue. As the fatigue level goes up so some areas of vulnerability – which on me happen to be mouth and elbow - start to become affected. Certain substances help reinforce the bodies defences. I am wondering about absinthe – which would of course be very romantic. I still have some of the bottle I bought in Prague left.

I spent the morning getting the white car to go – with a battery charger that I bought in Halfords. I have never used one before but it worked fine – and was much easier to do than jump leads which seemed fraught with danger once I had researched the procedure on the net. The car soon started after a bit of time charging.

Lawrence, bass player Fellthru, came round and we went out for a drive in it to see if it would suit him. He has a B reg Volvo which is beginning to get unreliable given that it is 25 years old. The white car is half that age and hasn’t done 40,000 miles yet.

I found this story on AOL:

“Sir David Puttnam, a personal friend of Mr Blair, said the Premier was now synonymous with the "bad news" flowing out of Iraq. His call comes just days after former Labour Chancellor Lord Healey also urged Mr Blair to step aside in favour of Mr Brown. Sir David said months of negative headlines about Iraq would damage Labour's electoral prospects and Mr Blair should resign before this summer's Commons recess. "The Prime Minister is synonymous with Iraq, and Iraq will only deliver bad news. Tony Blair's legacy will be what happens in Iraq five years from now. There will be no good news for the next 12, 15, 18 months," he said.

"Five years from now, we may all look back and say 'you know what the Prime Minister was right, a sensible democratic regime has emerged'. But that will be five years out, far too late to help the aspirations and indeed horrible fears of a lot of Labour backbenchers. "Blair is a very moral man, he is a conviction politician, which is both his strength and weakness.” The film producer told the ITV News Channel: "If I were him, I would go before the summer recess. And I think he can go with honour and I think he may well be in a position in five years from now to say not only did I do the right thing, but I paid a very high price for doing it."

Sir David said Mr Blair would come under enormous pressure from increasingly insecure Labour backbenchers who were beginning to realise the situation in Iraq was overshadowing the Government's many achievements. He said the Chancellor would "inevitably" be the man to take over. "Gordon Brown is exactly the person who will at least be able to think that we focus things on the domestic agenda. And I suspect he would be able to win quite comfortably at a General Election were it to be held within the next 12 months."

Sounds right to me – but whether TB would have the strength of character to put his party before his own grasp on the reins of power is another question. I think we will hear a lot more along these lines. Having kept KK news out of these waters I couldn’t resist a few posts yesterday – see Highveld button at the top of the page.

The My figures are looking good on the KK site – maybe there is something in the annual cycle which boosts them this month?

I caught most of the programme on R3 about the relationship between Herbie Hancock and Miles – and I thought the music sounded stunning – despite that fact that is around 40 years old and indeed I bought much of it when it first came out. This was especially true of the the elements of ESP that HH used to explain the evolution of Maiden Voyage – which only has 4 chords in it – but what chords!

I have found that I cant load up through the USB from the new MD to the Dell – it seems that the rule on the software is to only let in what it has previously passed out. So I used the analogue route into the Dell and into Wavelab to do some manipulation and editing – and then the USB to put the results back on the MD. I busked some flute against the outcome which I enjoyed. Perhaps a specific vocabulary is emerging for this framework. Listening to this piece – provtitle Box1 – I think it may be a stayer – disconcerting polytonal funky ambient.

Watched the programme about Water Music on the water – reminded me of the Hullabulloo band playing Barcelona music in the open air – my regional moment.

Laurence sent messages about GPR – philosophical txts – a new form? Density of argument.

Still haven’t tried the absinthe.

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