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2004-04-19 - 5:56 p.m.

Westbound Funk has arrived - delivering very much what it promised. I played some to Lawrence from Fellthru on Saturday and he immediately ripped it for general mixing purposes. He showed me some of the stuff he has been doing in Logic - the first time I have seen that software up close. James and I had stopped at Rob and Wendy's on the way back to Hogwarts to recover boxes.

Having dropped him and the boxes I went into Heffers and found another recent Deleuze commentary plus more Alter Ego renditions of very early P Glass who when he dropped in on the sessions was surprised that this stuff was so radical and fresh. Well exactly. He ought to hear 6OO lines.

Also found very cheap critical appreciation of R Rosenthal - yet another good reason to visit Santa Monica. See www.rachelrosenthal.org . Her career stretches from Artaud in Paris just after the War to Cage and Tudor in the early 5Os then to pioneering performance at the end of Route 66 on the West Coast. Looks as if she is still going. I like the idea of "Doing by doing" - one step ahead of the company I work for. Deleuzean.

Found a cassette of Magic and Loss in an Oxfam shop and discovered it uses Casio guitar - mailed Mark in case he hadn't heard. Also bought Lisa Stansfield cassette from the same source - yes it does take a lot of explaining but I do find it both interesting and agreeable - maybe an extension of my interest in the Carpenters.

Talked to Wendy - L's mum - over Magic and Loss about video art and D Cunningham and chums - from Maidstone to Dundee - also about her work on research management in the SE London Regional Health Authority and Laurence's interest in this.

Laurence and I exchanged e-ms on the subject on Global Public Reason. Yvonne enthused about Shostakovitch at Covent Garden. Made me think of Imac. Talked to Rob - W's husband - about hikes in the Forest of Arden we must do with similar commemorative intent. Sad e-m from Denise at Ndweb about magic furry companion loss.

Nick Totton's Selected Poems 1968-2OO3 arrived. Magnificent. Teenagers should be made to study them at school. Quite coloured my visit to Hogwarts. Why do they all look so sensible these days? Too much Coldplay? I listened to some of the Reith Lecture on the way back on quasi state dreams of power - maybe that explains why.

Try http://www.saltpublishing.com/books/smp/1844710394.htm

I am more than ecstatic at Biologic 1983 within this that explains Careless Love most played tune on the Highveld site. As a historical note I shd explain that it relates to a 1976 Totton/Bell/Cameron venture that was White Stripes with metaphysics and no tunes.

Claire Colebrook explains;

"For Deleuze our daily use of concepts follows a model of representation and opinion......A philosophical use of concepts does not follow opinion and everyday usage It is creative rather than representational and this has a direct bearing on life and literature."

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