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2004-04-10 - 11:40 p.m.

We flew back into Gatwick about three hours ago. Everyone thinks its funny to be in Surrey rather than an Italian lagoon with a ridiculous concentration of art, architecture and food. I have concluded that I should read finally Ruskin’s Stones of Venice plus the Thames and Hudson on the Venetian High Renaissance school for balance.

I haven’t been to Venice for over thirty years but I still like almost all the things I can remember liking the last time I was there – Bellini’s madonnas, most of Carpacccio and the Santa Maria della Miracoli. Actually they have started a classical music bar just by that church which I unfortunately discovered too late to find out for myself how it worked – well maybe next time. It will have to be sooner than three decades hence.

I mentioned to James that comparisons have been made between the Miracoli and the recent addition to Newnham library opposite the Sidgwick Arts complex where he goes for lectures. He said that it was a well known fact that are all Newnham girls are well weird. How unlike my young day.

The other night I met Ralf Altrieth from Berlin busking soprano sax near my hotel. I bought his CD with Brazilian Daniel Almada on piano which is on the label he started with countertenor Johannes Reichert. So far so good – 15 Euros well spent. See www.metarecords.de.

It was good to find Tony Reif in the mailbox on the ND newsgroup especially as he had a kind word for Robin, Andrew and myself. Tony has an amazingly astute musical intelligence. He also runs a jazz label – Songlines in Vancouver – dedicated to NYC downtown music.

St Marc’s claims to have the body of the real St Mark and St Zacharias the body of John the Baptist’s father. Despite this and more churches than you can count Venice seems to be a very secular city.

Vita has rushed off to a party and I need to drive round and pick her up at the specified time. She talked me into buying 200 fags at the airport.

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