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2004-04-05 - 10:35 a.m.

Briefly in Birmingham before going to London by train later this morning and then to Venice tomorrow.

I listened to a Wyndham Hill sampler this morning - I wonder what happened to that whole approach? Its derivative but I am a sucker for it.

I have started early morning long notes practice on the flute - primarily to exercise my lungs. My only kind of exercise at all. Inevitably some musical ideas occur when I am doing this and indeed I wrote one down this morning.

An exchange with Lawrence over the weekend on Deleuze and Dundee made me go back to the "Sentence" CD book notes - which contain a lot of info that can be taken further. Partridge does link Kent early 70s avant-ism with Coventry and then the gradual construction of a substantial enterprise in Dundee.

Jazz FM are holding a soul weekend at a hotel just down the road from my office in about a months time with Bobby Womack - only 50 without accomodation. I wonder?

I see from the Jazz FM site that Charlie's Jazzwise supply the news service to the site. Useful.

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