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2004-03-08 - 8:00 a.m.

More good news on the connectivity front – the 3 pieces I downloaded via Vita’s Net MD onto a my disc will play on my MD at L-town. The pieces are something that Glibert and I did using harmonies from an early unrecorded bit of Steve Reich, a random bit of techno and a version one One Point Two with flute and Gilbert fills. Also on MD are some masters from last week’s burst – the Dhorn one where the line was created by improvising to an unheard background and then new harmonies were added on guitar, the one where a Dhorn phrase is taken through my new harmonic extension algorithm and some EM1300 added plus the one where the Dhorn line is joined by the Crafter. Then there’s a piece which is important because I have lost the original backing track – derived from a single harmonic rich guitar note – this has been algorithmicised and some flute added. I am listening to the bit where there is an airsynth entry imitating French – and then some rude whispering.

O yes the MD also has my “Approximately Four Minutes” with GI obligatto. I can see I will have to get the net MD kit.

I mailed Peter Chatterton yesterday with some thoughts about response patterns on the KK site over Christmas and the New Year – which seem to follow a pulse and decay pattern – maybe with a bite in the middle for the Festival days themselves. As the decay goes on it settles back to a higher baseline. Just now the baseline seems to be around 500 pages a week. The most popular pages are the News and Derek’s pictures but the Dhorn page is putting on volume too with the Robin-Mark-Gilbert-IC piece getting plays. I see Botswana is about to cross the 100 requests threshold. The next country to cross the 1000 requests threshold might be Mexico or Brazil

Ricardo’s story about the coincidence when he was hitching to Boston was really good. Robin has surfaced on the question of whether the Place To Be discussion group should continue – which she thinks it should. It has been running for six years and has had its moments – some of the most dramatic have been via some scurrilous suggestions from that guitarist who did Nine of Swords which impugned the integrity of the coroner process in the UK – not that that is a hard thing to do. I bet Robin’s seminar in Ventura went well. It would be nice to hear more about Gilbert in LA.

My argument with the Inland Revenue continues although I remain optimistic that we can reach a satisfactory solution.

I conclude that the earliest Jonty H piece – the 1982 Klang – is the easiest to understand. It seems to be about some attractive natural sounds, recorded in a kitchen, and then to follow a kind of arc-shaped trajectory.

I also listened to the Best of the Byrds last night – Renaissance Fair is one of my all time favourites and I have a special liking for D Crosby. 5th Hughes Hall City Lecture on Government Communications: 2003 and Beyond is tonight.

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