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2004-03-07 - 2:06 p.m.

I have finally got round to playing the videotape that Keith (Mice ate my interview with Capt Beefheart ) Jordan made of the first orchestral performance of 4 min 33 secs. Gavin Bryars is interviewed on Cage and Eastern philosophy as they are about to play the 1947 piece The Seasons. Bryars explains that Cage regarded the orchestra as a bizarre social arrangement and indeed Lou Harrison helped with the orchetsrtation. Indeed it’s an attractive piece. Keith said he would video the Gram Parsons-fest on Friday night. He is thinking of investing in a Cale bio following my loan of the Desert Island disc.

Talking of Beefheart, Lawrence rang to say he had just bought Trout Mask Replica – on my suggestion. I told him I had applied for a place on the board of the LSDA, We agreed that reckless blogging could scupper this. We discussed the Blair speech and its place in Lawrence’s grand theory of public reason. I told Lawrence that Wendy had just rung and that she was interested in his interest in her new job promoting ethical medical research in South East London. Wendy’s son Laurence, like Lawrence’s eldest son, is in the music business, studying record production in Gfd. I have been listening to Laurence’s band Fellthru this week who appear on Plundafonix.

By the way the Montreal band whose CD I bought yesterday is (iks) – as in iksperience. I some Toronto techno some where – Detroit is just across the river from Caanada.

As I watch Cage I am reading a review of Peter Schlesingers Visual Diary of the 60s and 70s – my eyes caught by his pic of a young-ish Hockney in Santa Monica. The reviewer suggests that between the end of the 60s and the start of punk a new social aesthetic emerged – glamorous and camp with a capacity for self invention. You could argue that it is this aesthetic that informs Miss Mitchell’s greatest work from For the Roses to the opera box and fancy frocks. Derek Jarman starts here but succeeds in making the transition into punk.

I read an article by Charlie Alexander on jazz education this morning – talking about the Jamie Aebersold series of CDs and books – in the current edition of Jazz UK which I picked up at the BeastBash. The same mag makes the point that jazz education now produces many more first rate musicians than there are jazz gigs for globally. There is also an interview with Stan Tracey where he says that lack of ambition is essential to avoid intolerable frustration as a jazz musician.

Henry Cowell Pno Concerto also on the video. Good to see those forearm clusters.

We went to see 21grammes. I thought this was a weight of drugs but it is more metaphysical. Addiction is certainly a theme. It lived up to its reputation.

Just before 21 grammes we were watching Botton on Rep (not at all bad) – Vita threw us out of the living room cos Zowie (wowie) was coming round so we went up to James room in the loft where I spotted his abandoned Pacifa. It is one hell of a guitar. I decided I would ask him if I could use it at Beyond Belief – and started to work on how I would use it. It is the only piece we have with a tremolo arm. I also made a disc for BB – it is based on a Niblock drone late 70s NYC as far as I can establish. I am going to use that as the basis of a flute piece at BB if I can.

I cooked Vita peppered steak in an orange sauce for lunch and then burned my index finger on the custard. Via is doing a shoot this afternoon and so I have been thrown out of the living room again unfortunately. Her friend Lizzie has already won a modelling competition. They are using a digital camera.

To flesh out the Music Making page on the KK site – see Highveld link at the top of the page I am thinking of doing a bit about being in a band and using material about the Movies – see www.rekindle.co.uk. As Jon points out, you didn’t get to hold your own with Roland Kirk and Cecil Taylor by being crap. A lot of the things that can happen to a band happened to them – and Dag the keyboard player makes a nice link to the Spaceward cellar.

That site also includes a stunning piece about 21 grammes and Sandy D – for my money its up there with James Young on Nico.

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