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2004-02-23 - 8:54 p.m.

Give Me a Reason – an 80s soul masterpiece – one of those injunctions. Wonder how Gilbert’s jetlag is? Boy I could so with a burst of the land of the free and a blow. I must be feeling the onset of the Detroit SAE Conference season.

”Gilbert Isbin and The Emily Hay Group Club Tropical 8641 Washington Blvd Culver City LA

Opening the show will be renowned Belgian acoustic guitarist GILBERT ISBIN. Gilbert's early influences, from classical, to jazz, blues, ethnic, and freeform music, have ultimately contributed to his now distinctive and refined style. His music transcends the dualities of classical/jazz and composed/improvised music and is filled with strong melodies, rich colorful harmonies, sound effects and polyrhythms, highlighted by delicate acoustic guitar picking. He has recorded twelve albums, which have been highly acclaimed by the international music press. He has collaborated in concert and/or recorded with American and European players, such as Cameron Brown, Joe Fonda, Pedro Soler, Benat Achiary, Ernst Reijseger, and many more. Tonight Gilbert will be joined by violinist Jeff Gauthier for some compositions and improvisations.

Emily Hay is a flutist, vocalist and pianist who extends the traditional pre-conceived capabilities of her instruments. Her approach to music incorporates the complexities of contemporary classical technique with the spontaneity of free improvisation resulting in startling interpretations of sound and intense ensemble interaction. As a performer of the flute, alto flute, piccolo and ethnic reeds, she emits unusual tone colors and soaring rhythmic structures augmented by electronic manipulation. Her vocalizations range from primal to operatic, including whimsical word play and lyrics from the stream of consciousness. Tonight she performs with Brad Dutz - percussion, Ronit Kirchman - violin, and Joe Berardi - drums.”

Played my new Stockhausen CD on the way to work. Certainly had me thinking.

Last night Vita and Zowie who lives next door went to the local video shop and bought back Almost/Nearly Famous. Vita revealed that it is one of her all time favourite films. I have seen fragments. I watched the first section – the meeting with Lester Bangs and the first meeting with the band. I can see what she s on about. The Gibson SG is prominent in the film – a tribute to its authenticity.

Listened to the J Cale Desert Island Discs on the way to Leantown. The Elbows were on Radio 2 live around 6.30pm tonight marvelling at the ancient one’s insight in picking them for his sojourn. They seem to be winning friends fast. I mentioned to my colleague Keith (Mouse Ate My Beefheart Interview) Jordan that I had the Cale/Lawley tete a tete on CDR for him to borrow which improved his Monday a lot. The least I could do – after his generous capture of the Cream story, the Mayall 70th Birthday Bluesfest with Mick Taylor and the orchestral 4 min 33 sec for me on his media centre. I must try harder with Hobo Sapiens.

Caravan Of Love – another high point.

Peter Chatterton dropped by and we discussed the delivery of the Wheeler/Cameron probe and parry to him for editorial process. Paul has come with some general orientation for visuals. I sent him a MIT page about which President has done most for US technology.

I think I may have found an element of the Evans sound – flutes in parallel four part Hancock thirteenth thickened line. Charlie Alexander once hinted along these lines.

I worked on my presentation for Wednesday.

I am wondering about an eccentric Roland EM25 I have tracked down locally. – with Arabic styles and the ability to specify your own scales – I think its plus minus 100 cents on each pitch. Must remember my overdraft.

How right Robin is about Florence. It might have been 1972 that I had three weeks there. My girlfriend of the time was doing Italian and had classes every morning. So I could do Donatello, Massacio, Brunelleschi , Botticelli , Verrochio, Fra Angelico etc in my own time. Something had opened my eyes a year or so earlier

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