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2004-02-21 - 2:52 p.m.

A few years ago now I was responsible for some very large promotional budgets and to help assess the effectiveness of the spend I became very absorbed in the response data. This habit hangs over in my interest in how the KK site is doing but I cant get at the webstats from my portable – only through my Guildford PC. So whenever I get back to Guildford I go through the latest stats to see whats been going on.

One of the areas that interests me most is the geographical coverage of the traffic. Currently the stats are showing 16,600 “hosts” – something half way between people and sessions as far as I can make out – and it is possible to get a location for about half of those in terms of visitor domain names. About 60% of people who can be located are from the UK. The next top 12 countries in descending order are Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Canada, USA(education), France, Germany, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Portugal, Japan which make up another 20%. A further 12% come from a block of 25 counties – in ascending order – Saudi Arabia, Iceland, Singapore, Israel, US(military), Turkey,Greece, Norway, Chile, Russia, Romania, New Zealand , “.us”, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Mexico, Austria, Brazil, Sweden, Spain. And then there another 50 or so domains providing smaller volumes.

The grouping is done in terms of the threshold of 100 and a thousand requests. I always like it when a country breaks a threshold as Japan has just done at 1000 , Italy at 2000 and Netherlands at 3000. Its also good when a small country you might not expect breaks the 100 threshold as Botswana is about to do.

The first track on the Dhorn page which is a Mark/Robin/Gilbert/IC JV has just broken the 20 plays threshold which takes it onto the requests page.

The gloriously named livejournal, forum.fok, ocompanheirosecreto and xanga are bringing in the blogger traffic.

Good to see the Derek Jarman article in the Guardian - its on todays KK news via the link at the top of this page.

I am having trouble leaving stuff behind in one or other location.

Lots of financial mail I could do without.

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