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2004-02-20 - 8:07 p.m.

E-mail from Richard Jones (Chicago Climax, Principal Edwards and the brilliant Meridian) about the Lul spec.

I read in a Nico bio that Paul Hillier (Hilliards) tangled with the expressionist chanteuse in the 80s. Also that 60-40 is the name of a cell.

An early morning meeting which stretched on to lunchtime – with a systems company from Warwick. Quite good fun. I couldn’t help having the research by the NY Fed Reserve in the back of my mind about the way in which IT investment has been driving US productivity, I came to the conclusion that the US systems market must have have reached a level of maturity which has yet to be achieved in Europe – an interesting finding in its own right.

PW mailed – we are passing the mammoth interview onto Peter C for vetting complete with disputes about the Cwm Mela, the death of the Bard and appropriate attitudes to Ms C Wilson down home. Should anyone be waiting with baited breath rest assured that as soon as the full illustrated version hits the KK pages there will be an alert here. PW raised issues about lifelong learning and the ex CEO of the Commission for Racial Equality I ligged on Wed. Her website threw up no further clues on the 9 types of intelligence she had mentioned and so I googled my way into quite an out article about 5 meta-intelligences with a take on “wisdom” which I thought was related to the 5 factors we have isolated in the Formula Student research.

I am listening to a key MD from just before Plundafonix. I am almost certain I will use this at the Beyond Belief episode. According to Gilbert the best track on Plunderfonix is Horn under Water. I appreciate this judgement, It is a wayward collection as far as I am concerned – if not as far as Robin, Gilbert, PW , Cathy and Fellthru are involved. Even for Fellthru this track is now an echo of the now past fantastic punk-ska scene in the seat of ancient learning. The departed muse that Cathy sings about.

Currently I really really like the Sufi chant – which I feel is utterly on the money. And I have always liked my very very ambient version of My Back Pages. Anyway this MD is the material that I was doing on my way there. A lot of it is simply in C – but the more I listen the more I like it. I have already mentioned the special IC-episode version of California Grl with Robins compo vocals – I really love the same but different effect there..Then its as if E Dolphy is on a visit to ma and pa and gets invited to a Bboys session. I wonder if she will let me post it somewhere? I was between Detroit and Mexico City – enough said?

How many MDs do I have to curate? One certainly has my Halle on it. – whenever I get to it.

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