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2004-02-15 - 12:31 p.m.

Yesterday we went to see a Tennessee Williams play by the local acting school about an Italian woman on the outskirts of New Orleans – full of racial and gender stereotypes and Laurentian ideology. Suitable viewing for Valday?

Looking at webstats (which I love) – as the total number of trackplays climbs to 1400 ie one trackplay for every ten sessions – I realised that there might be a way into an info gap on wma plays. A lot of the wma material is below the threshold for the file counter, but in aggregate it amounts to over half the file calls. So there is a long tail of wma tracks that do get played but where the total isn’t visible

Each wma play involves several wmx-s which as far as I can work out is to do with the streaming. So its possible to total up the wmx-s for each offering on the site.

The two longest established albums, Serious Music and Pundafonix each have around 520 mwx calls as does the Cleveland Williams material. The Lullabye material which is more recent has notched up about 340 whereas the 5ths and Short Stories are around 850 – which is a good total. There are 14 tracks on 5ths&SS - so each track has averaged around 60 wmxs – about half the average for the first two albums – but this stuff hasn’t been available for so long.

I suspect that wmx’s are more about play duration than track selection. Even so this view shows that all the different types of music on the site – from Cleveland’s operatic baritone to the more experimental music gets called. A universality of approach is one of the premises of the site.

The other things which people do a lot of on the site are to look at Derek’s pictures (one in five visits to the site) and read the News (one in ten) – and of course to look at the main pages about content . Musicians, Music and Projects – are the most visited pages – and those three in aggregate are visited as frequently as Derek’s pictures.

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