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2004-02-12 - 6:37 a.m.

One step back one step forward. The soundcard on my portable has stopped working – possibly a virus has done this, BUT I have found a way of getting the USB port to take in audio via the Creative Labs outboard box.. This means that I can route the airsynth and Dhorn into Wavelab – monitoring off the outboard box. The playbacks have the clicks as before but that is not in recording as far as I can tell. The morning I discovered this I was nearly late for my appointment – at Croxford in Shropshire.

I decided to travel via the M6 Toll Expressway which was very empty. Its line is at rightangles to the geological changes and so the road goes up and down (mildly) over the ridges travelling from younger to older rocks. From Croxford you can see the higher country along Offa s Dyke – Shropshire has some of the oldest rocks in the country.

Crox is an aviation museum with some great pieces in it. For example they have the plane my father worked on when I was a child – it broke the airspeed record when I was 5 years old – the Fairey Delta 2 which still looks marvellous to me It was the first aircraft to have a variable geometry nose cone subsequently used on Concorde.

The museum also has a TSR2 – the only one I think – and a stainless steel “Flying Pencil”plus loads of aircraft that I used to look at when I was lad flying over my garden – Viscounts, a Britannia, a Comet, a Hunter, a Venom. This venue had been selected for a seminar about how to get RnD money from Europe – with difficulty seems to be the answer.

The following morning I drove into work mainly off the usual roads which looked crowded – round the back of what was the lake of Kenilworth Castle and up onto the watershed , on to Berkeswell and then Meriden past the navel of England. Although I hadn’t slept well the countryside looked very fresh and alive – really the first time this year. I always regard this as a dangerous sign. In the cycle it is a point of attenuation.

Peter Chatterton has finished the Bishop Simeon Trust site which is at www.bstrust.org. There is a path on the front page from the Music for the Highveld site linked at the top of this page. BST is the other partner in the MfHV project besides Daedelus which is Peter’s ICT firm. Tricia Sibbons is the UK end of BST and she is warden at St Martins in the Fields which is how that venue is being used for the 27 November 2004 Lullabyes concert.

Gillian Lloyd left a message saying that she has got her organ Lullabye on DAT tape – do I have a way of getting that to CD. She calls her Lul something like a “berceuse” which I think may be a technical term. If we can get that onto the CD it will bring the number up to 6 and also add another stylistic dimension.

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