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2004-02-05 - 6:39 a.m.

I listen to a lot of Radio 4, especially in the evenings. I pick up a lot of information that way. Matthew Collings was on last night talking about the Judd exhibition at the Tate – they should have given him more time because he was in fine form and from my point of view it is an essential subject. MC was saying that the influence has been immense.

Then there was a programme looking at mounting lack of trust in the general public. Its fascinating the way that the reaction to Hutton has amplified existing concerns about public scepticism and cynicism. Why is this a problem I ask myself? People have realised that they only get given half the picture and are reacting accordingly. That sounds like progress to me. If a client group is concerned then they need to change the pictures which they offer. Returning to yesterday’s theme, maybe we have some kind of revolution against the intellectual aristocracy. If information is power then you could have a revolutionary episode which was just about belief rather than the ownership of assets. Maybe “whitewash” is the metaphor.

There was a good exchange on R4 with Johnny Rotten’s bad words. The chap from the US media said that once communication channels fragment beyond a certain point you can’t control language in that way. Or in other ways I suppose.

The one thing about waking up early and switching on early is that you catch those unscripted moments at 6.07am “which is nice”. I did notice that the story had changed by seven o clock.

The latest dissident voice from the middle ranks of the intelligence community is interesting. The politicians are dumping on their advisers. But the experts underneath the senior advisers in the hierarchy are wriggling out – so the focus is on the senior civil service who indeed do have a duty to present objective advice on the basis of available fact.

Just before Christmas I saw that the post of Director of the Civil Service College was vacant so I pitched in a CV. I got a nice letter saying that it was very credible CV but for some unspecified reason they were unlikely to call me for interview. Why am I not surprised? My Edinburgh Enlightenment background perhaps? Anyway I set up a meeting with one of their people where we need a technical input to one of our projects.

I listened to my recent works yesterday and mostly wasn’t sure about them.

I need to get started with the programming work for the Lullabyes event. In fact I wrote to Paul about it. I also need to get in touch with Charlie Alexander and Cathie Bell amongst others. I mailed John Gambles and Jon Stevens – but there are still a lot of last week’s links that I need to work through. Bob and I decided that we will go up to Salford. I pitched into the Manufuture debate on the European Commission site.

I listened to some of the instrumental tracks on “Low” and wondered if there is a thread between some of this stuff and Cale/Nico/Wood/Boyd.

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