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2004-01-06 - 5:20 p.m.

Fortunately I had the sense not to leave my Leamington flat not in too much of a state.

A day in the office. Like millions of people across the world I started a new list. I am trying a new structure to see if it makes an improvement. My boss thinks that this is the hardest day of the year in the office. I had lunch with someone yesterday who is kind of giving up his job after decades of doing the same thing. I inferred that he really needed to do that. Salary slavery can have a dreadful effect on people. Fortunately not my current condition.

Over the Christmas break I had mailed myself various links at my office e-mail and I started to chase some of those. I am especially interested in some ideas that have been lurking around Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Michigan and I started to pull some of those through. There’s a particular venture that sprung up today following the last meeting I had before the Christmas break. It has picked up momentum – it makes logical sense from a number of different points of view – to a number of different colleagues.

E-m from Gavin Gribbon about a wide range of stuff – replied in kind.

This morning my flute developed a fault with its mechanism which will need a specialist to sort out. There must be someone in Birmingham who can do this work. Keep calm – I’ll probably find some interesting stuff at the end of this thread.

I am pulling hard at the thread that’s connected to the roots of Techno – especially via a Detroit DJ called the Electrifyin Mojo who was a key figure in shaping the music scene in the late 70s and early 80s. EM played a lot of Giorgio Moroder and George Clinton and he may even have stimulated Destroy All Monsters’ early interest in playing with beats. EM influenced Juan Atkins. One of his early collaborators was a Vietnam veteran called Rick Davis who had a very rich collection of synthesizers for the time. Davis’ taste are hard to pin down – different reports credit him with being into rock, pop and beatless abstract electronic music. Maybe he was into all of these things? I wonder whether I shoukd get the first Cybotron album, Clear, as a way of finding out?

I listened to Glass’s Two Pages and heard new layers in it – strange that this should be as apparently the piece is so simple.

Complications in terms of my movements on Friday.

Rick Margitza swam into view. His father and his grandfather played with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Rick started with piano and the switched to oboe and finally tenor in High School. He studied at Berklee in Boston and spent four years in New Orleans before moving to New York in time to be invited to play on Miles 1988 release Amandla. Then he got a contract with Blue Note.

Uneven sleep pattern last night.

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