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2004-01-05 - 5:36 p.m.

Last day in Guildford before going back to work in Leamington. For some odd reason I found myself rooting around in the early history of Westminster.

More thoughts on the possible ways in which the “Making Music” section of the site might be developed -these have taken me into various bits of writing that are stashed here and there over the year. I re-read Slightly All The Time part 1 which is about the evolution of jazz rock. I was provoked into writing a bit more on part 2 – which currently ends with Madonna’s recollections about being a “chrysalis” as a teenager in Detroit and dance scholar in Ann Arbor – sneaking off to see David Bowie, going to gay dance clubs through the dance teachers she met and indeed what it meant for her to find dance as an area of endeavour. Eventually she adopts punk style and then in 1978 she decides to move to NYC and the “centre of everything”.

I began to gather some more material about Belleville for the next section. It’s the first time I’ve written anything for SATT in about six months although I have done various bits of research.

I looked at the Dhorn page and went through some of the tunes hanging off it – quite a heavy use of beats I thought – also quite experimental – which I suppose suits the overall aim. I put that collection pretty rapidly for Peter and I wasn’t at all sure how I would feel about it. At least its technically varied.

Interesting obituary in the Guardian for the lead voice from Back Door – the early 70s jazz-blues trio. I mailed Robin and Paul with another snippet from the same source which struck me as pretty hot.

Last week was pretty good for the Highveld site in terms of traffic and I have been putting more onto the News and Links page in the hope of keeping the momentum up.

There’s no obvious message in the current volumes apart from the importance of blogs in generating traffic – and maybe a growth in volume from second tier countries like Russia, Singapore. The first tier countries are those which have registered over a thousand requests or look as if they might reasonably soon. Second tier are those in the band between that tier and the long tale of occasional visitors. To be in the second tier is to have made slightly more than a handful of requests.

Something made me reread some of the ND files material. There is something that Richard Williams wrote about Ian Macdonald that is nagging away at the back of my mind – I am wondering whether it can be developed in some way

I wrote Derek Ridgers to say Happy New Year and to let him know how popular his material is on the KK site. I asked him to have a look at the introduction I have written for it on the MM page and to tell him about the 30-11-04 event at St Martins.

I got into to my work e-mail to see he had mailed me as well.

Paul and I are thinking about a meeting later this week – related to his current client – e-mails flying back and forward. And I found some country stats which might help with this.

Andrew's reflections on the musical mix that went into Anglican church music and then into progrock caught my eye.

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