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2003-12-27 - 6:27 a.m.

Slightly erratic sleep pattern drove me to the portable around 6.00am and I knocked out a line and started dressing it up. Later in the day I began to get some facility on the harmonies with the flute. Can I be bothered to develop the track further harmonically, I wonder? Boxing Day feels a bit formless. I cleaned up the ashes from yesterday’s festive wood fire. I enjoyed the Christmas programme about the polar bears eating all the other animals – you have to admire their determination.

Volumes on the Highveld site were strong even on Christmas and on two out of three measures December is now ahead of November. I wonder if this is down to people getting PCs for Christmas? Countries like Brazil, Austria and Portugal are generating traffic. In total over 14,000 separate users have visited the site since it started. All very encouraging if a bit surprising.

So far so good with my bid for Desertshore.

An exchange of e-mails with Gilbert about his transatlantic plans for 2004.

Yvonne and I got beaten again at Cranium.

We went to see the latest Lord of the Rings at the cinema, I am not a particular fan but it held my interest despite its length. I couldn’t help noticing some of the marginal ideological colourings – the links between some of the design and kitsch fascist chivalry, the eco-queer character of the Shire etc.

I read a couple more paragraphs of Deleuze which made me wonder whether he had spent some time studying the mathematics of computer games. He makes some acute observations about one’s changing point of view is unified. The locus of unification isn’t in the point of view – its to do with a whole set of evolving points of view – like a narrative.

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